Photos From Freedom's Galley

These are just some of the meals you can enjoy on board Freedom.
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 EggsBenedict5.jpg Freedom's Island Style Eggs Benedict: Poached egg over choice of salmon/lox or shrimp or traditional Canadian Bacon, on top of steamed baby spinach on top of deep red beef tomato slice on top of your choice of whole wheat or sour dough English muffin, or island whole grain bread, then served with hollandaise sauce & local island sea salt, pepper and paprika
 Freedom McMuffin:
This is NOT your typical Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich.  This hearty breakfast starts with a 10-Grain toasted bagel, spread with butter and flavored cream cheese.  Layer on some ham or bacon breakfast meats, a jumbo fried egg topped with melted cheese and seasoned just right.  Choose to add a slice of beef-steak tomato and you've got a meal that will keep you satisfied all day
AppleCheddarQuiche4.jpg  Apple Cheddar Quiche': Freshly baked Granny Smith Apples and Sharp Cheddar Cheese & Cinnamon, served with fruit salad.  This is a Freedom Favorite! BreakfastParfait1.jpg   Breakfast Parfait:  Yogurt Parfaits made from your favorite iced Berries and Greek (or regular) Yogurt, granola and wild nuts. Served with freshly baked Coconut & Orange Muffin
EggSouffle2.jpg EggSouffle5.jpg EggSouffle6.jpg EggSouffle7.jpg
Freedom’s Fluffy Egg Soufflé is full of 7 different fresh vegetable varieties and choice of spicy sausage or vegetarian. Served with fresh baked sliced Banana Bread.
FrenchToast6.jpg FrenchToast9.jpg LoxAndBagels1.jpg LoxAndBagels2.jpg
Freedom's French Toast: Extra Thick Cut, Special Puffy, Custard Stuffed, Rum Infused French Toast, topped with cinnamon, almonds and banana slices, served with choice of homemade special blend rum syrup, maple syrup or orange blossom honey. Served with fruit. New York Style Lox & Bagels:  Cream cheese and all the fixings, capers, red onions, tomatoes, scallions, salmon, sea salt, etc... served with chilled bowl of mixed berries & chilled tropical fruits, blue berries, strawberries, raspberries, mangos and papayas 
OmeletToOrder1.jpg OmeletToOrder2.jpg OmeletToOrder3.jpg Waffles2.jpg 
Breakfast Burrito: This is a “Freedom Favorite” Made to order from a long selection of breakfast meats, vegetables, and cheeses. Grilled and seasoned just right and rolled in a soft tortilla shell.  Belgium Waffles: Freedom's extra thick & fluffy Belgium waffles.  Choose from Sourdough, Buttermilk, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip (or plain) Waffles with Sausage
FruitPlatter1.jpg FruitTray2.jpg Banana Bread:

Freedom’s own homemade, freshly backed banana bread, made from sweet miniature bananas locally grown in the Caribbean Islands. 
Fruit Platters for Breakfast, and mid-morning and afternoon snacks    
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Big Southern-Style Country Breakfast of Scrambled Eggs, Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes, Bacon and Southern Style Flaky Biscuit  Custom Made Omeletes: Choose from a LONG list of everything but the kitchen sink.  Prepared exactly as you order it Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes, Plain or with Blueberries or Chocolate Chips, served with Sausage and fried eggs to order   Banana Bread: Freedom’s own homemade, freshly baked banana bread, made from sweet miniature bananas locally grown in the Caribbean Islands.

ChickenTarragonSaladCroissant4.jpg ChickenTarragonSaladCroissant5.jpg  ChickenTarragonSaladPita5.jpg  ChickenTarragonSaladPitaAndSpinachSalad1.jpg
 ChickenTarragonSaladPita1.jpg Chicken Tarragon Salad Sandwich  Chunky White Tarragon & Pinapple Chicken Salad served in Bakery Fresh Croissants or Stuffed Pitas with Hummus, Carrots & Celery on the side. 
Pizza2.jpg Pizza3.jpg Pizza4.jpg PizzaWhiteCheeze1.jpg
It's A Pizza Party!  Meat Lovers Extreme Supreme, Veggie Delight, Pepperoni & Cheese, White Cheese Deluxe, etc. It's All Here, created with only the freshest of ingredients, and custom made to order on-board Freedom in our double pizza oven.  Bring Your Appetite! Pizza1.jpg 
Hamburger1.jpg   LeftOversBuffet.jpg  Cheese Burgers In Paradise:  Bar-B-Que Cookout of Black Angus Beef Hamburgers, All Beef Hot Dogs & Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast served with Baked Beans, Tropical Rice Salad made with pineapple chunks and Monterey jack cheese, and Chips.
 Salmon Rigatoni Salad:  Italian Pasta with a very light helping of baby spinach, chocked full of Salmon with loads of Feta Cheese and Freedom's own homemade Sweet Red Vinaigrette dressing served with hard crusty French bread, and whole-grain super-crunch crackers   SaladSalmonRigatoni1.jpg
 SaladChickenCeasar1.jpg  SaladChickenCeasar1B.jpg  Chicken Ceasar Salad:
Fire-Grilled Chicken fresh off the BBQ Grill served over Romaine Lettuce with herbed croutons and parmesan cheese and Caesar Dressin 
 Italian Meatball Sub"] With Thick Red Sauce full of sautéed bell peppers, mushrooms, and red onions with all the trimmings of shredded Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheeses served on a fresh baked Whole Wheat Sub Roll.  Mama-Mia!  SandwichMeatballSub1.jpg SandwichMeatballSub2.jpg 
SaladSpinachStrawberry2.jpg SaladSpinachStrawberry3.jpg SaladSpinachStrawberry4.jpg SaladSpinachStrawberry5.jpg
Strawberry Spinach Salad:  Fresh Strawberry Spinach Salad served with a side of seasoned Albacore Tuna drizzled with olive oil and a variety of multi-grain crackers. 
SaladTuna1.jpg SaladTuna2.jpg SaladTuna3.jpg   
Tuna Salad:  Every vegetable lunch salad is always complimented with a protien tuna salad.
SandwichDeliTray1B.jpg SandwichDeliTray2.jpg SandwichDeliTray3.jpg  SandwichDeliTray1.jpg
SandwichDeliTray5.jpg  SandwichDeliTray4.jpg  New York Deli Sandwich Platter  Assorted deli meats and cheeses on fresh sweet Hawaiian bread with all the condiments of a New York Deli and a variety of chips. I Got Your New York Right Here Baby!
BBQ Wings & Drumsticks:  Hot off the BBQ Grill in a variety of flavors, Hickory Smoke, Sweet BBQ and of course, Hot Buffalo style!  BBQWings.jpg  Crab Circles:  Healthy Crab Cakes on top of a whole wheat English muffin topped with shredded Swiss cheese and baked bubbling hot. Served with sliced oranges CrabCircles1.jpg 
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 Salmon Cakes  Seared in coconut oil and topped with a Pesto Yogurt Mayonnaise served on a bed of lettuce leaves.

 Shrimp Salad Freedom Shrimp Salad, served with skewered petite shrimp and crusty French bread  Crucifer Salad  Crucifer Salad: The Hardiest Healthy Salad You'll Every Enjoy! Broccoli & Cauliflower with sundried tomatoes, water chestnuts, tossed in Freedom's Homemade Italian dressing served with a variety of Super-Crunch Crackers   
Snacks & Appetizers
Hummus Platter:  Hummus Platter with a variety of veggies; carrots, celery, salad tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, cucumbers, etc. and Seasoned Hummus and Peanut butter   VegetableHummus1.jpg   SnackPlatterFruitAndMeat1.jpg
 CevicheConch3.jpg CevicheConchAndFish.jpg   SnackPlatterFruitAndMeat4.jpg SandwichDeliTray6.jpg
Ceviche' Conch or Fish Ceviche made fresh on the boat using conch that you catch!  Seasoned the way only Freedom can do and served with Crackers & Chips   Cheese & Salami Tray  A Variety of Salami with Cheeses, crackers, pepperoncini peppers
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Snacks & Appetizers 
  Fruit Smoothies Frozen Fruit Smoothies from Strawberries, Blueberries, Caribbean Mangos, Papayas, Local Island Bananas blended into a frozen concoction with sweet coconut.  Nothing is more thirst-quenching on a hot day in the tropics! Black Olive Bake"]Black Olive Cheddar Spread on crispy crackers and then baked to a golden brown   Roasted Garlic Roasted Garlic with brie, apples, and baguette 
 Goat Cheese Bruschetta Goat Cheese Bruschetta baked on sliced French Bread Baguette with vine-ripe grapes and sliced apples Crab Dip Homemade Crab Artichoke Supreme with Stone Ground Multi-Colored Chips  Baked Plantains & Cheese Sweet Local Island Plantains with Goat Cheese melted over top, served with vine-ripe grapes  Chips & Salsa Chips & Salsa, Mexican black bean dip, Guacamole & Sour Cream 
 ChickenEnchiladas5.jpg  ChickenEnchiladas17.jpg ChickenEnchiladas1.jpg  
Chicken Enchiladas  Freedom’s Mexican Fiesta of Chicken Enchiladas that taste so good you'll think you're south of the border.  Seasoned to perfection and served with Refried Beans, Spanish Rice, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and Chips. And don’t forget the frozen Margaritas!  Get Ready To Dance!  
FishTrigger7.jpg FishTrigger8.jpg  FishTrigger2.jpg FishTrigger6.jpg 
Local Caught Trigger Fish
Local Caught Trigger Fish: (when available) served “Caribbean Style”. This local fresh caught tropical delight is a favorite among locals and is prepared the same way the ancient Caribbean Arawak Indians cooked it over a thousand years ago over an open fire, served with the entire fish, complete with tail, head and eyes, on a bed of Black Bean & Papaya Rice. Served with Bread.  Legend has it that if you Kiss your fish on the mouth you will return the Virgin Islands with your one true love! 
 BBQRibs2.jpg  SaladGreenFamilyStyle3.jpg  BBQRibsBuffet.jpg  
 BBQ Baby-Back Ribs Fall off the bone Kansas Style Bar B-Que Baby Back Ribs using Barbie's special Alabama State Champion BBQ Rib Recipe.  Served with Sweet Corn on the Cob, Southern Potato Salad and Whole Grain Bread! 
 FishLion1.jpg  FishLion2.jpg  Lion Fish:
 Freedom's Lion Fish Grilled on an open flame. (Yes this is the very dangerous venomous fish you've heard so much about.  They are absolutely delicious if you know how to cook em... and we grill them over an open flame with our own special Caribbean seasonings that's guaranteed to leave you wanting more!  Served with a Tropical Risoto, Grilled Fruit Shish Kebobs drizzled with a Black Rum Sauce and a hearty whole grain Bread.
FruitGrilledRumSauce1.jpg FruitGrilledRumSauce2.jpg  Plantains1.jpg  Plantains2.jpg
   Tropical Side Dishes: Locally Brewed Rum Glazed BBQ Grilled Tropical Fruit Shish-kabobs.  Tropical Side Dishes: Locally grown sweet plantains chargrilled on the BBQ.  You've never had plantains this good!
 PrimeRib.jpg  PrimeRib3.jpg PrimeRib2.jpg  Prime Rib: Slow-Roasted, imported Grade "A" Prime Rib, with Baked or Mashed Potatoes with super course locally harvested sea-salt, Garlic sautéed Mushrooms and Grilled Asparagus spears with Hollandaise Sauce
 FishCaribbeanWhite1.jpg  FishCaribbeanWhite2.jpg  FishCaribbeanWhite3.jpg  FishCaribbeanWhite7.jpg
FishCaribbeanWhite4.jpg  FishCaribbeanWhite8.jpg  FishCaribbeanWhite9.jpg  
Caribbean White Fish
Grilled to perfection on an open flame. This white, light, fluffy & flakey fish is a FREEDOM Favorite.  Served with  Freedom's homemade  Dill Weed Sauce served beside a Caribbean Cole Slaw featuring a Peanut Sauce, crushed Pineapple, Green Apples and a side of Caribbean Open Flame Char-Grilled Plantains.  You'll never eat a better fish dish... Unless you have Freedom's Lion Fish! 
Blackened Jamaican Jerk Chicken:  A spicy tropical favorite for hundreds of years. Served with a Wild Pecan Nut Rice, Salad, and Freedom's own special freshly baked whole-grain Beer Bread! BlackenedJerkChickenBuffet.jpg   Giant Mixed Green Salads:  If you enjoy giant, fresh, healthy salads, then you've come to the right place.  Freedom is well-known for our healthy variety of super delicious salads.  SaladGreenFamilyStyle2.jpg 
ShrimpAthena.jpg ShrimpAthena1.jpg ShrimpAthena2.jpg  
Shrimp Athena A Mediterranean Shrimp Specialty of Jumbo Shrimp with artichoke hearts, black olives and capers sautéed in Mediterranean spices and Greek seasonings, served alongside Three Cheese Tortellini Salad topped with Tomatoes and Steamed Broccoli, served with steaming hot doughy Bread. 
DesertBrownies1.jpg DesertBrownies2.jpg DesertKeyLimePie1.jpg ChocolateMousse1.jpg 
Hot Gooey Fudge Brownie Freshly Baked, Hot Gooey Fudge Brownie with walnuts.  You'll smell them baking!  Key Lime Pie Key Lime Pie using Jimmy Buffett's favorite recipe, straight from his mom who was a neighbor in Alabama.  Chocolate Rum Mousse Chocolate Rum Mousse – Oh So Thick, Rich, Sweet & Decadent!  
RumCake1.jpg   Birthday2.jpg  Birthday3.jpg  
Rum Cake Freedom's fresh baked Rum Cake using locally distilled Cruzan Rum in a 200 year old recipe that's been handed down for generations.   Cakes & Cup Cakes! Birthday, Anniversary or any Special Occasion Cake or Cup Cakes.   
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"Italian Lasagna"]  Baked Lasagna: Meat or Vegetarian authentic Italian dish. Served with big green salad, Italian or Caesar salad dressing, and Italian flat bread or hard rolls, and Italian wine  Chicken Cordon Bleu"] This French Classic literally translates to "Blue Ribbon" for the awards it's won for culinary excellence.  We start with a large chicken breast, stuffed and rolled with ham, bacon and Swiss Cheese.  Coated with our special sauce before rolling in Italian seasoned bread crumbs and baked to a golden brown.  Served  with rosemary wild rice and green beans  
 Delmonico Steak Thick Cut and Grilled over an Open Flame to your perfect temperature with Freedom's own seasoning. Served with Rustic Garlic & Rosemary Potatoes, Zucchini Gratin, Salad and Bread.  Shrimp Curry  Shrimp Curry with vegetables over steamed wild rice with fresh mango chutney   Italian Chunk Chicken in Red Sauce"] Rotisserie Cooked Chicken Breast Chunks in a Garlic Red Sauce full of sautéed mushrooms, peppers, red onions, garlic and other savory vegetables served over Bow Tie Pasta.  Served with Salad & Garlic Bread  Coconut Shrimp Coconut Shrimp, cooked in coconut oil and tropical Caribbean seasonings of the island, served with Brown Wild Rice or a Risotto Salad, and Naan Bread  
  Shrimp and Steak Fajitas Mexican Fajitas: Make your own from Grilled Steak, Chicken or Shrimp, with sautéed mushrooms, onions & red, green & yellow peppers and all the trimmings. Served sizzling hot on a large griddle at your table for family-style “build your own” fajitas. Served with Refried Beans, Spanish Rice, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and Chips and jalapeños on the side. And frozen Margaritas of course!  "Mahi-Mahi, so good we have to say it twice!  Grilled and served with pineapple mango salsa and rice pilaf  
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Mexican Flan The Perfect Compliment to ANY Mexican Fiesta Meal.  Homemade Flan with caramelized Cuban Sugar topping with cinnamon.  Cheese Cake   Cheese Cake - You'll think you're at the Cheese Cake Factory    Mango Crisp  Mango Crisp, similar to a southern Apple Brown Betty, but Caribbean Style Chocolate Chip Cookies  Old Fashion Fresh Baked, Served Straight Out Of The Oven, Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
Smoors  Old Fashion Chocolate, Marshmallow Smoores   Pina Colada Mousse  Pina Colada Pineapple Mousse.  It tastes just like the drink!